Shadow Jobs enthuse Hodisa Students

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) organised and hosted a 2-day school event where students from the region in Bloemfontein were introcuded to the nitty gritty, as it were, of the elements of real life work.

 Hodisa students attended the day, forming part of a small group of schools in the region to share in “A Day in the Life of a Consulting Engineer”

{gallery}Cesa Shadow Jobs{/gallery}

 There were abundant opportunities to grasp an improved understanding of what it takes in today’s world to be a Consulting Engineer.

In fact, the CESA Job Shadow Day held on the 19th July, involved consulting firms who invited scholars to their work place for the day.

The aim of CESA’s Job Shadow Day is to expose learners not only to the engineering environment but to the consulting engineering experience in particular Firms are encouraged to choose a school from their local community and invite pupils to spend a day with the firm during the Job Shadow Month experiencing “A day in the life of a consulting engineer”. The idea of the initiative is to encourage learners to choose engineering as a career.

The experience includes job shadowing in the firms’ offices and on site. Site visits provide learners with a practical insight into engineering and the integration of the various engineering disciplines including civil, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, mining and geology, process, transportation, construction, etc., as well as the various aspects surrounding consulting engineering e.g. project management CESA holds an annual award for the best poster submitted and the best day organised. Royal HaskoningDHV has won this award twice in the last few years.

This year, the Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV) Job Shadow Day brought sudents from

• Hodisa Technical High School

• Lereko High School

• Kagiso Technical High School

• Kaelang High School

• Senakangwedi High School

A total of 40 pupils started their day off with breakfast at the RHDHV offices followed by presentations on the various engineering disciplines and what it entails to study for these professions.

The pupils then went around to some of the engineers for talks and questions about what the engineers do. They were then transported to one of the sites, the Mjiba Road Construction Project where they went through safety induction and taken around the site and told about the different aspects of construction and engineering and of course many questions were asked.

This is a highlight for the pupils as they are also issued with safety vests and hard hats that they can take home with them.

Back at the office, the pupils had lunch and refreshments then began with some fun activities, one of them a bridge building competition. The pupils had a marvellous time with much laughter and friendly banter. The day ended off at 15h30 with pupils receiving prizes for the winners of the events, certificates and “goodie bags” to take home with them. A troop of tired, but happy children left our office with shouts of thank you’s and appreciation.

A great day was had by all and the knowledge that 40 children would be going to bed that night with full tummies and wonderful memories of the day.


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